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To establish and maintain the best relationships with clients is our goal and to attain such, we must satisfy all their needs and requirements.

VehicleStreet offers a Referral Program which lets you get rewarded for every successful referral.  The said reward may be awarded to you as a referral fee or given to your referred client as a discount.  This shall be decided on by you.  Upon your registration to this Program, you shall also be entitled to be included in our list of being one of the first to know of updates and upcoming developments on VehicleStreet's product and services.

The Referral Program is governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. A referral must be a 'Qualified Referral' to be rewarded a referral fee. A 'Qualified Referral' must have and supply valid TIN and SSS Numbers. Companies or businesses which are just starting up may be accepted providing they have an 'applied for' status for the above-mentioned requirements.
  2. The 'Qualified Referral' must know and have authorized having been referred to VehicleStreet prior to us getting in touch with them.  The company or individual without due authorization will NOT be a 'Qualified Referral'
  3. It is VehicleStreet's prerogative and shall reserve the right to refuse service to any 'Qualified Referal' under valid circumstances and reasons.
  4. Referring companies or individuals who have had expired subscription of VehicleStreet will not be eligible for referral fees.  Referral fees shall be awarded to VehicleStreet subscibers only.
  5. Existing VehicleStreet clients cannot be applied for as 'Qualified Referrals'.

Register now and be rewarded!  Each of your qualified referral who successfully becomes a registered VehicleStreet subscriber entitles you to a 10% commission from the total gross amount of VehicleStreet's tracking device sold.

Filling up and submitting the form below means that you have read and agreed on the Terms and Conditions of VehicleStreet's Referral Program.

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We value the opportunity of being of service to your clients.  Email us at vsales@vehiclestreet.com or call 0917-VSTREET for more information.